The Six-month Program Helping Small Business Owners Double Their Revenue 

WHAT IS SMALL BUSINESS FLIGHT SCHOOL? Learn more about Donald’s Miller’s Flight Plan FOR YOUR BUSINESS:
  • Constantly worry about revenue and cash flow
  • Waste time and money on strategies that don’t work
  • Wonder if the chaotic startup phase will ever end

What You Get In Small Business Flight School?

A Video Training Series to Completely Overhaul Your Business

Get access to online training where Donald Miller teaches you how to implement a growth plan in just 6 months.

Weekly Q&A Calls with Business Made Simple Experts

Get feedback on how to best apply the frameworks you will learn in Donald Miller’s Small Business Flight School within your specific business and industry.

Install a Proven Plan to 2x Your Revenue and Grow Your Business

You only have to spend 5 hours per week to learn and implement the Flight School frameworks and start seeing results.

Join a Community of Growth-minded Business Owners

Through the Small Business Flight School online community, you’ll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

Who is Donald Miller?

Eleven years ago, Donald Miller lost his entire life savings in a failed venture. Today, he owns a $17M business that he built from the ground up. Small Business Flight School will teach you everything Donald learned so you can scale your business, too. This isn’t a business philosophy course with theories that don’t work in the real world. It’s a hands-on, 6-month program designed to help small business owners double their revenue with a growth system that works.

Step 1:
Join Flight School

Invest in the future success of your business by joining Donald Miller’s Small Business Flight School.

Step 2:
Start Your Training

Begin a six-month adventure with fellow entrepreneurs and the skilled team at Business Made Simple.

Step 3:
Transform your Business

Enhance your business, boost your earnings, and watch your business transform in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Transform These Six Key Areas of Your Business

Exclusive Bonus*

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Two Separate One Hour “Power Hour” Phone Calls with a StoryBrand Certified Guide from Loft 8 Media

This is a value of $398. These can be used to assist you with the marketing and sales modules of the Flight School program.

Shannon Dow Loft 8 Media

StoryBrand Certified Guide

I’m your go-to expert for crafting messages that not only sound great but also resonate deeply with your audience. I’m here to guide you through the exciting journey of finalizing your Small Business Flight School BrandScript, SalesScript, and more!