Transform Your Event with Expert Event Branding

Event branding example by Loft 8 Media
Event branding example by Loft 8 Media
Event branding example by Loft 8 Media

Consistency is Key: Without a unified visual design theme or style, events can feel disjointed, making it hard for them to connect with the event’s purpose or message.

First Impressions Matter: The visual aspect of your event sets the tone from event promotion to attendee arrival.

Brand Recall: Effective event branding helps ensure that your event is not only enjoyed but also remembered.

Imagine an event where every visual detail engages and delights your audience from the moment they arrive.

Brand Driven Visuals

From signage to merch design, each element is carefully chosen to represent your event’s vision, ensuring that the visuals speak directly to your audience and enhance the purpose and mission of the overall experience.

Attendee Engagement

Through strategic and thematic visual cues, we create an immersive environment that captivates attendees, encourages interaction, and fosters a memorable connection with the event’s core message.

Lasting Impressions

With our expert branding, your event transcends being just an occasion; it becomes a landmark experience that attendees will remember and talk about for years, enhancing your brand’s legacy and impact.

Elevate your next event with custom branded event visuals and messaging

Standard Event Kit – $2,800
  • Simple Event Brand Guide
  • Invitation Package
  • Email Header/banner
  • Small Program – up to 8 pages
  • Presentation Template (8 slide styles)
  • Social Post Templates (5 feed / 5 story)
  • Signage Templates (4 styles)
  • Event Merch Designs (2 styles)
Event Kit PLUS+ – $5,500

Everything included in Kit A – PLUS:

  • Simple Landing Page
  • Bumper Video (up to 30 seconds)
  • Large Program – up to 12 pages
  • Stage & Decor Consulting (up to 4 hours)
  • Event Marketing Timeline
  • Event Marketing/Messaging Guide

Meet Your Event Branding Expert: Shannon

As a seasoned branding and graphic designer with 35 years of experience, I specialize in crafting unforgettable event branding that resonates deeply with audiences. Incorporating the proven StoryBrand 7-Part Framework and principles, I guide event planners and business owners through creating visuals and narratives that not only capture attention, but also enhance engagement.

As a former wedding coordinator, I understand how much time and energy goes into planning the logistics of large events. And I know that one person can’t do it all. It takes a team. I can coordinate with your team and help you execute all of your event’s visual aspects brilliantly and cohesively. My expertise lies in merging strategic messaging with dynamic visual graphic design to transform your events into iconic experiences.

“Shannon is a creative thinker, provides quick results, and has a way with pulling things together that align with what I have in mind but lack the skills to do myself.”

Laura Isaacson, Auction Chair


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Collaborate with our team to craft a unique event brand that supports the vision.


Watch your event come to life with seamless, stunning visuals that engage and delight.

Visual Branding for an Event Can Elevate Your Attendee’s Experience

Your attendees are spending time and money to come to your event, so you want to make sure it’s an unforgettable experience! In collaboration with your team, our expert event branding can ensure they will be engaged from the moment they are invited to the final gathering and beyond.

Achieve a Cohesive Event Look

By connecting all marketing materials, we craft an elevated, premium impression for members and sponsors. Our approach builds excitement for your organization and generates demand for future events.

Custom Event Branding Could Include:

Save the Dates, Invitations, Signage, Keynote Presentations, Programs, Swag Bags, Email Templates, Merch, Videos, Social Promotion, Stage Elements, and more!

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Strategic Visual Elements

Instead of picking a random visual theme, we focus on creating a cohesive messaging strategy tailored to your brand. Our creative process highlights your audience, key brand messages, and event goals, ensuring all elements align seamlessly.

An Immersive Brand Experience

To ensure your brand is highlighted in every aspect of your event, we work closely with your event planner and even your A/V team. This collaboration guarantees an immersive, seamless experience for your audience, with every detail meticulously planned.